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New Jersey Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Detox Program

Addiction is complicated. Is your addiction negatively impacting you or your family? Are you ready to end your addiction? There are a lot of treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction, and some are better than others based on the circumstances and severity of your drug or alcohol addiction. Just stopping drugs or alcohol can cause symptoms of withdrawal and even medical issues, so it is a good idea to work with a physician during this process. We provide a safe, confidential, and comfortable medical detox program to help ease your withdrawal process.

What is an Outpatient Detox Program?

A drug & alcohol outpatient detox means that you visit our facilities several times over the course of a few weeks, but that you don’t stay with us – you stay at home. Our Detox Center in NYC is better for people with a less severe, or newer addiction and who also have a good support network at home. You’d have more flexibility – we’d work with you to schedule your outpatient sessions around your normal routine. One thing to consider is how well you think you’ll do on your own – if you don’t believe that you have the ability to say no when you’re on your own, our outpatient program isn’t for you.

How Our North Jersey Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Detox Program Can Help

Here at the Wellness Center NJ, we aim to provide a holistic and peaceful place to help you with your addiction. We have a team of psychiatrists and psychotherapists to assist you with your detox process. We use a combination of medication (to help with stress, anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms), and different forms of psychotherapy. Our psychotherapy options can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis, individual therapy, and group therapy. Whether it is drug or alcohol related, our substance abuse specialists have put together a comprehensive program and are well versed in many of the latest techniques in helping our patients fight the demons of addiction and get on with their lives. We’ll evaluate you and your circumstances and figure out a customized treatment plan for you.

What to Expect at During Your Drug & Alcohol Detox Process

During your first outpatient detox program session, we’ll complete a full physical evaluation of you. Then, we work with you and your circumstances and needs to build a program for you.

Every day, you attend a combination of positive and non-judgemental therapies at our Wellness Center. The experts at our state of the art substance abuse center work with you to make sure that you follow our outpatient codes of conduct and to ensure you are getting the services you need. It is up to both you and the staff of the Wellness Center to make sure the process runs smoothly.

These treatments, combined with taking medication, support from advocates at home, patience, and hard work lead to great results.

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