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Wellness Center NJ operates as a free-standing outpatient detoxification, mental health, and substance abuse treatment facility located in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, just outside the New York City area. We believe in providing superior addiction & mental health treatment services in beautiful Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

Located near Palisades Park, our treatment has been effective in the lives of many, and we can help you, too.  No matter how far down the ladder of despair you have gone into addiction or mental illness, we provide the tools you’ll need to get your life back on track.

Our office is a licensed buprenorphine medical detox center. Most clients going through detox for heroin or opiate pain medications (e.g., Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin) will be given buprenorphine.  This is a medication to reduce/eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. A detox program that will provide a safe and comfortable medical detox protocol will ease the withdrawal process. With alcohol and certain prescription drugs, stopping their use without being medically supervised can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. To better serve our clients, our detox services are covered by a number of health insurance plans.  A sliding scale fee structure is in place to help clients lacking health insurance.  Please contact our office for more information on this.

Our clients know that they are not alone. Once a client has completed treatment, our discharge planners will help them decide what they should do next.  Within a network of the finest treatment centers for outpatient counseling and relapse prevention, we will be happy to make continuing care arrangements.

Wellness Center NJ can provide or coordinate mental health and addiction treatment services across the treatment continuum from outpatient and aftercare to Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP).

What sets us apart is our staff.  We have a dedicated team of psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, and healthcare providers to offer support, compassion, and the tools you’ll need to course-correct your life.

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