Addiction Treatment Program in New Jersey

Drug addiction and alcoholism can devastate a person’s life, leaving behind the wreckage created by a life on drugs.  Substance abuse is a complex issue that affects all aspects of a person’s life. An individual will feel the effects of substance abuse in personal relationships, work, mental health, and general health.

There has never been a better time to receive treatment for an addiction or alcoholism. Clinicians have designed, and research has validated several clinical modalities as being effective in the treatment of addiction. Furthermore, there are now medications with sufficient data demonstrating effectiveness in treating withdrawal symptoms and minimizing cravings.

It is the main reason the Wellness Center NJ was set up. Our primary goal is to provide effective substance abuse treatments with a spirit of dignity and respect for the client. We have the care, compassion, and clinical expertise to provide the necessary guidance on your journey from addiction to recovery.

What is an Outpatient Treatment Program for Addiction?

An outpatient program is a less intensive option for treating drug addiction. The patient is required to spend about 10 hours each week at their local rehab center. The sessions involve group counseling consisting of a psychoeducational portion and a process group segment.

During these group therapy sessions, clients will learn and practice the tools and coping skills that will keep them sober after treatment.  Meeting individually with a counselor helps sustain motivation and provides a means to resolve long-standing negative behavior patterns.

Outpatient programs are ideal for people whose addiction is less severe, and 24/7 medical monitoring is not needed.  Additionally, an outpatient program can be recommended as part of the long-term treatment for a patient with a severe addiction.

What to Expect at Our Outpatient New Jersey Addiction Treatment Program

All clients begin treatment at our facility with a complete biopsychosocial intake facilitated by a professional clinician. During the intake, a quick test called the addiction severity index (ASI) is administered.

This test is designed to quantify drug use consumption patterns along with the consequences of drug use. An examining specialist will also look at any underlying mental health or mood disorders that might be causing or contributing to problems with addiction. The results yielded from our intake are used to help treatment specialists design an individualized program specific to you.

At the outpatient program for addiction in North Jersey, you will have the opportunity to attend support group counseling sessions.

You will most likely be expected to undergo detoxification before you can be allowed to join the program. It is a process that is recommended, especially in cases where you are severely addicted.

The detox process will ensure that your withdrawal goes about safely without putting your life in danger. There is always a qualified professional on-call 24/7. His or her duty is to ensure that your detox goes on smoothly without any major risks.

Find Recovery Today at Wellness Center NJ’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

At Wellness Center NJ, we help people dealing with substance abuse get back on the road to happier lives. We understand the substance abuse is related to a complex web of other factors. Our goal is to give you the tools you require to recover from your crippling addiction.

For example, for many addicts, the desire to get high became mostly about not feeling good when sober.  If you are feeling awful on a day to day basis, sobriety becomes much harder to achieve and sustain.  Professional help has been shown to help people get off drugs and alcohol and maintain their sobriety after treatment.

We have helped many addicts recover at our outpatient addiction rehab.  If you are in need of substance abuse treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, we would encourage you to reach out today 201-945-2905

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