New Jersey General Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Over 18 percent of the U.S. adult population is affected by some type of anxiety disorder each year. Anxiety is a defense mechanism the body uses in response to the anticipation of real or perceived threats. Anxiety has a use and serves a purpose- it helps us survive by making us aware of danger. but with an anxiety disorder, the anxiety becomes unmanageable, or in response to inappropriate situations.

Anxiety disorders can close off parts of people’s lives and affect their ability to form meaningful relationships. when the suffering of increased anxiety causes them to avoid situations, behavior can become erratic and unstable.

There are a wide variety of anxiety disorders, and their effects vary too, because stress can have a number of different outcomes from individual to individual. No two stress disorders are the same—two people suffering may have completely different triggers, durations, and intensities of their anxiety. Many anxiety disorders also come with sudden and intense experiences of fear, known as panic attacks.

Anxiety disorders are born from a wide number of possibilities in one’s life. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), one of the more common afflictions, comes after experiencing a traumatic event or series of events, and recalling or being reminded of the experience can trigger a stress response. Social anxiety causes difficulty interacting, due to a constant worry about what others are thinking. Phobias are anxiety disorders as well, as the avoidant behaviors people develop are a response to the overload of stress they experience.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help

At Wellness Center New Jersey, we can help by providing expert anxiety disorder treatment. We offer a range of therapies and strategies to get you better and treat your problem at the source, rather than just the symptoms.

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