Prescription Drug Detox Program in New Jersey

Our New Jersey Outpatient Prescription Drug Detox Program

Though usually prescribed by a doctor, prescription drugs have a high prevalence of abuse. The three most common types of prescriptions that are abused are anti-anxiety, stimulants, and opioid pain relievers. Patients who suffer from chronic pain develop a tolerance to opioid pain relievers after months or years of use may increase their medication to overcome their tolerance or self-medicate to mental or physically cope. If a medication is used differently than prescribed or for nonmedical purposes, it is considered substance abuse.

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Symptoms of Prescription Drug Withdrawals

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We understand that prescription drug detox is difficult to endure, painful, and the symptoms of withdrawal are often the reason why patients relapse. At Wellness Center NJ, we treat dependency to pain relievers with medical detoxification to counter the effects of withdrawal. Call us at (201) 932-1695 to discuss substance use and co-occurring disorders.

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