New Jersey Outpatient Treatment Program

Drug addiction can be one of the most painful things for a person to endure, both for the person struggling themselves, and for their friends, families, and loved ones. If left untreated, people can remain stuck in negative behavior patterns, unhealthy relationships and a destructive cycle of highs and lows.

At Wellness Center NJ, we provide a holistic and peaceful place to tackle addiction, and all of life’s challenges that have arisen as a result. Whether it is drug or alcohol related, our substance abuse specialists have put together a comprehensive program and are well versed in many of the latest techniques in helping our patients fight the demons of addiction and get on with their lives.

Our outpatient addiction treatment center aims to be a comfortable place where people do not feel demonized or belittled for life’s troubles.  We pride ourselves on our patients feeling understood and taken care of, and we want the family and friends of our patients to feel at ease as well. Located in Fort Lee, the Wellness Center NJ is here to help. Call 201-945-2905 for more information on all of our services for alcohol and drug addiction treatment.


Here at the Wellness Center, we are happy to offer outpatient services for our patients who want to be able to remain in their homes while they seek treatment. Often patients need to stay in our facility so they can receive more comprehensive, 24 hour care, but other patients find they are best served with an outpatient set up. Inpatient means that our facility is used as a residence by the patient, whereas outpatient refers only to treatment and therapy that is done at our facilities. This affords our patients with an added flexibility and an ability to keep their normal routines intact if they are able to do so. We want to provide care that fits our patients needs and schedules so depending on what type of treatment a patient needs, outpatient care can be a great way to get treatment and continue with everyday life. While it is not for everyone, our outpatient drug rehabilitation services can be the perfect balance and road to recovery.


For our patients entering into our outpatient service, each day they travel to the Wellness Center to seek treatment, therapy, medication, and a host of other services that help with their drug and alcohol recovery. Our state of the art substance abuse center works in tandem with our patients involved in our outpatient program to make sure they follow our outpatient codes of conduct and to make sure they are getting the services they need. It is up to both the patient and the Wellness Center to make sure the process runs smoothly, and the Wellness Center has the experts on site to help facilitate the program and to ensure each patient is ready for the outpatient care.  We know that drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be taxing and time consuming – while we believe that these processes take time and that patience and hard work lead to great results, we recognize the convenience factor with our outpatient services. For the right patient, it can be the perfect type of treatment.

Don’t let drug or alcohol abuse ruin you or a loved one’s livelihood or life. Call 201-945-2905 and let the Wellness Center NJ help you today!

Most Insurance Plans Accepted