ADD/ADHD Therapy & Treatment in New Jersey

Whether you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as an adult, the condition can be extremely frustrating. Difficulty focusing, racing thoughts, difficulty sitting still, trouble seeing tasks to completion, and other serious symptoms can leave a person struggling to pay attention and succeed at work or in school. As a result, patients struggling with the condition often feel lost and incapable of reaching their goals.

In a society that often underestimates and fails to understand mental health issues, patients who suffer from ADD/ADHD are often branded as “flighty,” “disorganized,” “lazy” or “unruly.” These labels are not only inaccurate, they’re also very damaging to the psyche of someone with a mental health issue that makes it harder for them to focus and complete projects. At Wellness Center New Jersey, we understand that ADD/ADHD is not a character flaw, but a mental health condition that deserves appropriate treatment.

If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, or if you suspect that it may be present, Wellness Center NJ’s professional mental health treatment can help. Through a combination of therapy and medication management, our team can help you regain control of your life.

Don’t let the distractions of ADD/ADHD keep you from reaching your goals. With the help of a knowledgeable therapist, you can develop a mental health treatment plan that can turn your life around.

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From comprehensive addiction treatment, including a detox program, to mental health treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD/Trauma, Borderline, and ADD/ADHD, Wellness Center New Jersey has an expert team of professionals ready to assist you.

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